Youth-At-Risk Matching Grants

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Youth-At-Risk Matching Grants provide matching grants to non-profits for a range of programs that address gang violence, sexual violence, teen dating issues, bullying and suicide. The grant program administered by the Dept. of Public Health is one component of a larger set of state strategies to combat youth violence.

The line item funds programs to prevent youth violence among young people at risk for violence perpetration or victimization, through activities designed to promote the development of positive behaviors and social skills, as well as case management services that connect youth with other support services.

A large portion of funding from this line item is earmarked for the Massachusetts Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs and the Alliance of Massachusetts YMCAs. Each of these organizations utilizes this funding to provide support to their individual member organizations. Funding from the line item also supports grants to community-based programs across the state.

Updated January, 2016