Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund

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The Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund (WCTF) helps workers build skills necessary to attain work in high-demand industries such as health care, construction, and education. The WCTF is administered by the Commonwealth Corporation.

The goal of the Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund (WCTF) is not only to improve the economic competitiveness of Massachusetts businesses by training workers for in-demand jobs but also to create a pathway to better-paying jobs for individuals who have been left out of the new economy. Specific objectives include supporting the unemployed to find suitable employment and improving employment opportunities for low-income individuals and low-wage workers.

The Trust Fund was created in 2006 as part of a comprehensive package of programs designed to stimulate the Massachusetts economy. It is overseen by the Commonwealth Corporation, a quasi-public agency within the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. An advisory committee, appointed by the Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development, supports general oversight of the fund.

The WCTF program funding is used to develop industry-led training partnerships, cultivate business and training/education partnerships, and train individuals. Additionally, funding is used to improve productivity, profitability, sales and employee retention, safety, and customer service for businesses.

Rather than being funded through the annual state budget process, the fund receives periodic deposits at the discretion of the Legislature.

Updated October 2016