Vocational Rehabilitation for the Disabled

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Vocational Rehabilitation for the Disabled provides services to adults over the age of 16 with disabilities so they can gain and maintain employment. This program is administered by the state, but is bound by federal rules tied to the Federal Vocational Rehabilitation Program. Funding primarily comes from federal sources with this line item accounting for state matching and maintenance of effort funds.

The main goal of this program is to help people with disabilities become more independent by assisting with obtaining and maintaining employment. Services offered include:

  • Work evaluation and support to identify job goals
  • Assessment of work site and availability of assistive technology, such as a customized computer
  • Providing funds for college or vocational training
  • Job counseling
  • Medical and therapeutic services
  • Help informing employers about the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Support for individuals returning to work while adjusting to a new disabling condition

Priority for this program is given to individuals with the most severe disabilities.

Updated January 2017