Vocational Rehabilitation for the Blind

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People who are legally blind face unique challenges when entering the job market. To provide tailored assistance, the Massachusetts Commission on the Blind (MCB) administers a program called "Vocational Rehabilitation for the Blind" which offers a variety of career counseling services. The program is supported with federal funds and a state match.

In 2015, MCB served approximately 16,000 of the estimated 30,000 residents who are legally blind in Massachusetts. Around 1,500 people were served through the Vocational Rehabilitation program in 2012, the last year we have data for that specific program. While these individuals have varying levels of sight, many of them need support and services to be able to participate fully in the workforce.

Trained counselors in the Vocational Rehabilitation program assess an individual's skills, help with networking, assist with resumes and cover letters, provide mock interviews, and educate clients on their rights as people with disabilities. To be eligible, a person must prove that their blindness has impeded them from gaining employment.

Updated January 2017