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The Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Pipeline Fund was established in 2003 to address the shortage of skilled STEM workers needed in the Commonwealth’s economy. The three main goals of the STEM Pipeline Fund are: (1) to increase student interest and pursuit of STEM majors and careers; (2) to increase the number of qualified STEM educators, and; (3) to expand STEM education offerings. The Department of Higher Education (DHE) administers the Fund. Key activities of the STEM Pipeline Fund include establishing regional STEM networks, expanding successful programs with a record of success, promoting public awareness, and supporting statewide leadership on STEM education and workforce development.

Massachusetts hosts world class centers of science and innovation, such as our universities, biotechnology companies, and engineering firms. In addition, many companies in the STEM fields are either headquartered here or have offices in Massachusetts. Since these businesses offer many well-paying jobs, the state is working to ensure that state residents are equipped to compete for them.

The STEM Pipeline Fund supports this goal by providing grants for STEM initiatives targeted to students, teachers, workers and the public at large. These grants support plans to expand STEM education with varied activities including hands-on student projects, afterschool programs, teacher professional development, and parent/student career awareness.

The Regional STEM Networks connect K-12 school districts, higher education institutions, industry, workforce boards, and non-profit organizations. Regional STEM Networks, which are in nine regions across the state, work to align and enhance local STEM resources and initiatives. Their goal is increasing the number of students interested in and prepared for STEM majors and careers. Most STEM Networks are led by a public institution of higher education.

The STEM Pipeline Fund also supports the @Scale initiative. Some @Scale projects include a robotics program partnership between Quinsigamond Community College and Worcester Public Schools, a STEM advanced manufacturing initiative in Western Massachusetts vocational schools, and a collaboration with Boston Public Schools to enhance pre-K math education.

The STEM Pipeline Fund is part of the overall state STEM plan. This plan supports existing efforts across the state to promote STEM coursework and career activities. The overall aim is to guide students to future employment in high-growth STEM fields. It is guided and overseen by the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council.

Updated January 2017