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* totals for all programs pictured above

Inflation-Adjusted NOT Adjusted
$15,994,292 $15,994,292
FY17 $19,041,310 $18,624,313
FY16 $19,784,639 $18,998,394
FY15 $19,650,713 $18,743,949
FY14 $16,483,649 $15,611,142
FY13 $16,217,357 $15,123,849
FY12 $17,172,729 $15,749,661
FY11 $17,420,075 $15,520,693
FY10 $18,222,118 $15,919,484
FY09 $25,708,143 $22,240,633
FY08 $28,429,159 $24,254,952
FY07 $25,589,303 $21,051,128
FY06 $24,922,773 $19,983,455
FY05 $25,652,209 $19,819,617
FY04 $26,012,868 $19,512,026
FY03 $27,597,209 $20,253,668
FY02 $29,076,848 $20,879,603
FY01 $31,331,593 $22,107,234
  • In order to ensure consistent comparisons over time, this funding chart may include line-items from earlier years that are no longer funded (and that therefore do not otherwise appear in this Jobs & Workforce Budget.)
  • Funding for Community Day and Work Programs for the Developmentally Disabled is not included in this funding chart because not all of the funding in that program is used for direct workforce training.
  • This chart includes funding that flows through the state budget. Federal funding that goes directly to programs in Massachusetts is not reflected.
  • Line items that start with 1599- are typically referred to as "reserve accounts." These often fund non-recurring costs, such as costs for natural disasters, start-up costs, and initial payments for collectively-bargained pay increases. [1599-0200]
  • Use caution comparing funding for this line item FY09-FY10. In FY10, funding for information technology was taken out of this line item and shifted to a centralized information technology account. The exact amount of this accounting change is not available. [4110-3010, 4120-3000]
  • In FY18, funding for Community Based Employment (5920-2026) was consolidated into funding for Community Day and Work Programs (5920-2025). These are grouped together. [5920-2026]