Secure Jobs

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The Secure Jobs program is based on a new model of housing stabilization that integrates employment services and housing supports for homeless or low-income families.

In an effort to provide secure housing and stable employment for Massachusetts workers, Secure Jobs program matches homeless and extremely low-income families with services to overcome barriers to work and connect them with jobs and career pathways. It was launched in 2013 and was formulated on a new model of housing stabilization that includes integrated job services.

Secure Jobs program identifies participants who are most “ready, willing and able” to work and who are residing in a short-term rapid re-housing or rental voucher program. The program assesses participants’ career plans and skills, as well as the barriers they face to employment. Based on their individual needs, participants are provided with job readiness training, skills training, and job placements. In addition, the program provides short-term housing supports to help families save, gain access to child care, and other basic services.

Secure Jobs is a collaboration of the Department of Housing and Community Development, the Department of Transitional Assistance and the Department of Early Education and Care. Funding comes from state, private, and foundation sources.

Updated October 2016