Safe and Successful Youth Initiative

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The Safe and Successful Youth Initiative takes a multi-faceted and community-based public health and public safety approach to reducing gun-related violence among high risk young males. It now operates in 12 selected cities.

Grants are awarded to municipalities with high levels of youth-related homicides and other assaults. Communities that receive grants must implement strategies to coordinate services and fill gaps in services for young men. Activities supported by the grants may include street outreach, trauma counseling, and employment programs.

Law enforcement agencies identify young males, targeting youth between the ages of 17 and 24 who are already involved in violent or criminal behavior, have been a victim of weapons violence, or are leaders in gang or street violence. The program connects these young people with partnering community agencies and supports, and helps them find jobs, complete their education, and develop positive relationships with caring adults.

A recent evaluation of the program by the American Institutes for Research noted in its best practice review that SSYI includes two essential features of programs that are successful at reducing violent incidents by at least ten percent: the use of street outreach workers, and connecting youth with community services such as GED programs.

Updated January, 2016