FAA-Certified Airframe and Power Plant Program

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The FAA-Certified Airframe and Power Plant Program provides space and equipment to support the creation of a Federal Aviation Administration certified airplane mechanic training program at Cape Cod Community College. The plan is focused on construction of facilities including a modified airport hangar with the necessary equipment and supplies. The facility is also planned to be housed next to Barnstable Municipal Airport in Cape Cod, allowing participants to gain experience in authentic workplace conditions.

This line item was created in the FY 2015 budget and is intended to help provide start-up funding for an aviation mechanic training center by September 2015. The program aims to support 65 students in full and part-time programs. Cape Cod Community College also received $2.5 million in federal grants from the United States Department of Labor to support the development of this workforce training program. If implemented as intended, the Cape Cod based program would join just five other FAA certified airplane maintenance programs in New England.

According to John L. Cox, the President of Cape Cod Community College, aviation industry leaders identified a future shortage of highly skilled aircraft technicians. For example, the manufacturer Boeing estimated that the industry will need 93,000 new mechanics in the U.S through 2031. Future jobs in the aviation industry are likely to be relatively highly paid. According to federal data in 2012, certified airplane mechanics earned an average of $55,000 annually or $27 per-hour.

Updated January 2017