Community Day and Work Programs for the Developmentally Disabled

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Community Day and Work Programs for the Developmentally Disabled program supports a wide variety of group and individual supports to allow adults to find work and build skill for future work.

In order to be eligible for Community Day and Work Programs, the Mass. Department of Developmental Services (DDS) must first determine whether an individual is eligible for services from the department. Eligibility for services is based on intellectual disability, as well as a level of need and availability of resources. Because of limitations in resources, state-funded employment supports are not available for all potentially eligible adults.

DDS has a stated commitment to support individuals to “fully and meaningfully participate in their communities as valued members,” and in 2010 issued an “Employment First Policy” that emphasizes integrated individual employment as the preferred outcome for working-age adults with intellectual disabilities. To that end, DDS has developed a network of service providers offering employment-related supports such as job coaching, temporary on-site supervision, and other work support. Other opportunities include group employment in a more structured and supported environment or specific skill training or pre-vocational supports.

Not all of the funding for this program is used for direct workforce training, as the program also supports group programs that are outside of the competitive work environment.

Updated January 2017