Community College Workforce Grants

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Community College Workforce Grants support career training initiatives at the Commonwealth's 15 community colleges. In addition to providing academic courses for students, community colleges offer a variety of career programs aimed at building students' vocational skills and connecting their training with local and regional employers. Strong community college workforce development programs can benefit both students and employers, providing students with important technical skills and employers with well-prepared workers.

Community College Workforce Grants support partnerships between community colleges, local businesses, labor organizations, vocational-technical schools, and other training institutions in order to better connect students to career training opportunities. Many of these partnerships focus on training students in emerging or high-demand fields and those with a successful track record of job placement for program graduates. High-demand fields include STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) health services, and advanced manufacturing.

While the majority of its funding goes towards direct grants distributed to support efforts at the individual community colleges, a portion of the funding supports administration of the Community College Workforce Grant Advisory Committee which sets evaluation criteria, reviews applications, and advises the Board of Higher Education on workforce grants. Each community college also has a designated administrator who coordinates workforce training initiatives.

Updated January 2017