Bridges to College - Adult College Transition Services

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The Bridges to College program, also known as Adult College Transition Services, is designed to help primarily low-income adults transition into higher education by teaching content skills as well as providing assistance with the college application and financial aid processes.

The program is operated through competitive grants overseen by the Board of Higher Education. Adult College Transition Services grants are awarded to adult basic education providers including local education agencies, non-profit organizations, community colleges, and correctional facilities, with demonstrated success in bridging academic gaps for underserved populations that lead to college entrance, retention, and success.

In FY 2015, Bridges to College Grants of $95,000 each were awarded to 4 organizations. These grants allowed several institutions across the state to expand or implement new programming. Some grantees were collaborative projects between institutions of higher education, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

More specifically, the grants in FY 2015 supported:

• Providing more advanced English language courses from the Catholic Charities/El Centro Adult Education program in Boston. This will support students who have successfully completed other adult basic education courses, but remain unprepared for college level work.

• Continuing an existing collaboration between The Hampden County Sherriff’s Department and Springfield Technical Community College. This will provide for two semester long sessions that provide academic remediation and support in math, English, computer literacy, and research to inmates in lower security prisons and individuals currently on parole or probation. This program will also include life skills, including financial literacy and career guidance.

• Broadening the curriculum and services available through Transition to College and Career Pathways program at Northern Essex Community College. This aims to increase the number of adult learners completing higher education in the city of Lawrence. This specifically targets unemployed and under-employed adults and focuses on training them in high growth fields such as health, technology, and advanced manufacturing.

• Expanding the Jewish Vocational Services (JVS) Bridges to College program to the MetroWest and Framingham region, in collaboration with MassBay Community College. This program, has operated for several years in Boston, and focuses on providing the coaching, guidance, and academic instruction necessary for college success. The JVS program guides participants in focusing on either on general studies or biotechnology over a 23 week program. In the general studies track, adults receive English, math, and other academic tutoring necessary to enter and be successful in college. In the biotechnology track, students receive academic preparation focused on math and science tailored to successful entry into a 9-month Biotechnology and Compliance Certification program.

Updated January 2017