Strong Workforce.     Strong Economy.

Workforce training gives people the skills they need to find good jobs, support their families, and contribute to the Massachusetts economy.

MassBudget's Jobs & Workforce Budget looks at the various ways we support workforce training through the Massachusetts state budget; this includes programs for Education, Workforce Development, Youth Development, and Workers with Disabilities. As the chart at right shows, overall funding has been falling over time—particularly for the core "Workforce Development" efforts.

Detailed information about specific programs can be found throughout the Jobs & Workforce Budget. Along with full descriptions of the various state-supported programs in Massachusetts, you'll find long-term funding histories, new funding proposals, as well as links to helpful resources.

- The State of Working Massachusetts -

A strong economy is one that works for everyone, including young and experienced workers, children and families, lower-wage and high-wage earners. The labor market in Massachusetts remains relatively weak, with poverty rates stubbornly high, and wages lower than they were in 2007, before the Great Recession. Massbudget's State of Working Massachusetts provides a more complete analysis of the conditions facing workers in the Commonwealth.

The Role of Federal Funding

The Jobs & Workforce Budget includes funding information for worker training programs supported through our state budget. However, the federal government also provides direct support for worker development in Massachusetts, and because this support does not flow through our state budget, it is not reflected in the funding detail we include here. More information about these streams of direct, federal support is available through the National Skills Coalition.